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Welcome to the website of the Chiltern Nemeton Grove

Meet the Grove

Meet a few of the members of the Chiltern Nemeton Grove and a little about their different spiritual pathways 

Latest Event

The Oaken Heart Way

The Grove have several free training programmes from foundation as an Oaken Heart Practitioner to becoming a Bard or practising as a Soul-friend in facilitating the spiritual unfolding in others though a specific spiritual Art.

Grove Events

Details of our events all are welcome to attend, such as Rituals, Teachings, Coffee mornings, Moots, pilgrimages and other gatherings.

Joining the Grove 

he Oaken Heart Way of Druidry and joining the Chiltern Nemeton Grove 

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The Copper Beech Grove

The Chiltern Nemeton Grove was founded in Tring Park on the Summer Solstice of 2000ce by Paul Sandford. 

The Chiltern Nemeton is the Mother Grove of the Order of the Oaken Heart founded in 2010.  The Grove is also affiliated with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and the British Druid Order.

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